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At least now it’s official

Say it ain’t so! The Senate is actually pointing out that insurance companies have been screwing us for a long time. Obviously this is not news to anyone who has been to the doctor for more than a pap smear.

The question remains, which to my knowledge no one has bothered to attempt to answer: How many medical bankruptcies are caused by insurance companies refusing to pay what they actually owe, who instead are sticking it to patients who are too worried with their medical problems to focus on the ridiculous amount of paperwork that they generate to obfuscate the fact that they are screwing us?

What’s amazing is that the Senate report apparently only touches on the manipulation of out-of-network reimbursements to charge patients more. How about the slew of bills my company sent along to me last year for “out-of-network” charges, that were actually, every one, in-network? When will these “reports” start calling out the companies for consistently denying coverage to all their paying customers except for those persistent enough to demand over and over again what the company already covers?

At a hearing this afternoon, Rockefeller’s panel is slated to air allegations by a former industry insider that insurers have put profits before people’s health.

The fact that this is treated as news just proves how incredibly clueless our national leaders, the ones supposedly reforming the system, are about what it’s like in the trenches for those of us without primo government insurance and large personal staffs. This, my friends, is the big reason why our congress is making such a botch out of fixing the system, when the solutions are so obvious to those of us living our lives outside the beltway. Hopefully another reason isn’t simply that they want their insurance-business buddies to continue getting rich off other peoples’ hardship and misery. But given how the “reform” movement is going right now, it would be foolish to rule that out.


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