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Cool Bugs #11: Atta Girl, The Game

Leafcutter ants in the genus Atta make a great subject for a fun homemade board game.

Cancer patients will soon get help from parasitic wasps

Researchers in London are working on a new flexible needle technology modeled on the ovipositors of woodwasps.

Conservation works — for economics

Sustainability is not just an ecological concept, it's an economic one. Are we making progress on fisheries?

Will we manage to create sustainable fisheries?

There is hope for the future of fish as for once the U.S. leads the way in dealing with an important global environmental problem.

Anti-terrorism policies take money away from invasive species prevention

Few people realize that biosecurity funding put in place after 2001 was at the expense of protecting our borders from another major threat to our society: invasive species.

The fight against invasive species is not all about short-term benefit for humans

Protecting unique native ecosystems against homogenization by invasive species is a campaign by xenophobes to demonize the "other." It is about recognizing both that biodiversity has value apart from the human perspective, and value to humans too.

“Job-killing”: the new shorthand for any measure to protect long-term economic or environmental health

It's official: Any environmental regulations -- or any regulations favoring long term conservation or economic stability for all at the expense of maximized short term profits for a few individuals -- are "job-killing", and therefore an evil liberal plot.

We’re paying to destroy fisheries as fast as we can

The UN Environment Programme report makes clear with numbers what we are dealing with to save the dysfunctional fishing industry. Simply, we have to start spending money building stocks, instead of destroying them.

Will climate change make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict worse, better, or moot?

Palestinian-Israeli talks have once again broken down with no resolution in sight, at the same time the area tries to power through the fifth year of its current drought. Will the realities of living in such an inhospitable region eventually overwhelm the importance of local politics?

Carnival round-up

Carnivals on education, politics, opinions, and science are all out, with some posts by Bioblog.

The food on your table might create more invasive species

Native predators, some of which humans like to eat, might be helping to eat us out of an invasive species jam. Does that mean that we should modify harvest limits?

Paper or plastic?

The best answer to the question, "Paper or plastic?" is "neither." If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you should be using your own polypropylene bags.

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