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Cool Bugs #11: Atta Girl, The Game

Leafcutter ants in the genus Atta make a great subject for a fun homemade board game.

Cancer patients will soon get help from parasitic wasps

Researchers in London are working on a new flexible needle technology modeled on the ovipositors of woodwasps.

Do honeybees have AIDS?

According to the latest research, colony collapse disorder (CCD) is looking like a honeybee version of AIDS.

Cool bugs #10 – Fruit fly parasites

Leptopilina is a genus of parasitic wasps which eat fruit fly larvae from the inside out.

Insect Jazz

My jazz arrangement of the Coltrane standard "Inchworm."

Climate change + fire suppression = ecological disaster?

The devastation we are seeing now from mountain pine beetle in northwest forests could be a result of the combination of bad fire policy and climate change.

Entomologists and Basketball Players

There is a reason that the profession of entomology exists: so people who don't know how to function otherwise else can get a job.

Cool Bugs #9 – Acacia ants

Acacias and acacia ants are one of the best examples of plant-animal coevolution that you can find.

We need biological control agents that work

The field of biological control is currently dominated by a focus on nontarget impacts by biocontrol agents. When will biocontrol scientists start caring about effectiveness too?

Circus of the Spineless #22

At Circus of the Spineless you can find out everything you always wanted to know about bugs.

Cool Bugs #8 – Carnivorous Hawaiian caterpillars

Hawaiian carnivorous caterpillars are the only known sit-and-wait predatory caterpillars.

Cool Bugs #7 – Pipevine swallowtail

The pipevine swallowtail is aposematic: it incorporates noxious compounds from its host plant and uses them and its black and red coloring to deter predators.

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