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Cool Bugs #6 – Trap-jaw ants

Trap-jaw ants (genus Odontomachus) use their jaws for more than springing a trap on prey.

Cool Bugs #5 – Belostomatidae

Giant water bugs have a trait that is rare in insects, let alone any other animals: the father takes care of the young.

Cell phone use and bees

The rumor floating around that colony collapse disorder, which is killing millions of honey bees, is caused by cell phone radiation has no basis.

Cool Bugs #4 – Diachasmimorpha juglandis

This fly parasitoid engages in fights to the death within the body of a living maggot.

Cool Bugs #3 – Fly wasp mimics

A host of different fly species do their best to pretend that they are wasps.

Cool Bugs #2 – Rhagoletis juglandis

Arizona walnut flies (Rhagoletis juglandis) have interesting mating dynamics.

Bees to their knees

We need to start considering native pollinators to replace our ailing European honeybees.

Cool Bugs #1 – Myrmecocystus mexicanus

Honey pot ants are very cool, for a lot of reasons.

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