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Is playing the cancer “cure” lottery simply the American way?

Can Americans get beyond their love of playing the long shot when it comes to cancer treatment?

Review of Mukherjee, “Emperor of All Maladies”: We need a different paradigm for cancer treatment

Siddhartha Mukherjee presents a terrific, comprehensive history of cancer treatment, but misses the mark when offering a way forward.

The cost of chemotherapy drugs is completely unrelated to their effectiveness

The financial incentives for cancer treatment remain perverse, and everybody is paying huge costs for very little benefit.

Your genes do not belong to companies, it’s official!

Even the current pro-business Supreme Court knew where to draw the line on the patent office's Orwellian position on corporate ownership of your genes.

Tumor evolution and chemotherapy resistance

Changing the way we deliver effective chemo drugs could considerably extend the lives of advanced cancer patients.

Why chemotherapy doesn’t work

The chemotherapy madness will only stop when doctors and patients admit up front that chemo doesn't work. These are the main reasons why.

Chemotherapy does not, and will never, cure cancer

The clinical oncological community is in collective, utter denial about the uselessness of chemotherapy as a cancer treatment.

Routine mammograms continue to harm many and help few

Breast cancer screening will continue to be a lottery system for institutionalized torture until we spend some money and effort figuring out who actually needs to be treated and how. Why are the loudest voices arguing over screening instead of trying to fix the real underlying problem?

The lesson for all cancer treatment that we should learn from ocular melanoma

It is way past time for cancer patients to have their own cancer cells tested to see which chemotherapy, if any, will actually work.

Cancer patients will soon get help from parasitic wasps

Researchers in London are working on a new flexible needle technology modeled on the ovipositors of woodwasps.

Will we finally dump chemotherapy in favor of immune-system-based cancer treatments?

Targeted cancer therapies are finally getting some of the attention they deserve, now that it's becoming clear that chemotherapy is a barbaric dead-end for most people.

How are cancer deaths defined?

Cancer death statistics could actually be useful in fighting cancer, rather than just for propaganda, if they were true. But they aren't.

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