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The cost of chemotherapy drugs is completely unrelated to their effectiveness

The financial incentives for cancer treatment remain perverse, and everybody is paying huge costs for very little benefit.

Your genes do not belong to companies, it’s official!

Even the current pro-business Supreme Court knew where to draw the line on the patent office's Orwellian position on corporate ownership of your genes.

A tale of two lifestyles, sustainable vs. self-destructive

Will the U.S. get back to solving real problems in time to avert misery for its population? Europe can help show us the way if we do.

Conservation works — for economics

Sustainability is not just an ecological concept, it's an economic one. Are we making progress on fisheries?

Will we manage to create sustainable fisheries?

There is hope for the future of fish as for once the U.S. leads the way in dealing with an important global environmental problem.

Evidence-based medicine includes listening to the patient

We explain "evidence-based medicine," and what you should understand about it before you discuss treatment options with a doctor.

Anti-terrorism policies take money away from invasive species prevention

Few people realize that biosecurity funding put in place after 2001 was at the expense of protecting our borders from another major threat to our society: invasive species.

“Job-killing”: the new shorthand for any measure to protect long-term economic or environmental health

It's official: Any environmental regulations -- or any regulations favoring long term conservation or economic stability for all at the expense of maximized short term profits for a few individuals -- are "job-killing", and therefore an evil liberal plot.

Progress in getting our genes back from biotech companies

The U.S. government finally has taken the position that unmodified genes are a "natural product" that are not patent-eligible. The District Court rules soon on the class-action suit that should return to you the 20% of your genome now owned by corporations.

Torn: The “Conflict of Modern Motherhood” is all about guilt

A review of the book “Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood”, edited by Samantha Parent Walravens (May, 2011).

Republican governors support your right to make other people pay for your health care

Six states suing the federal government to toss the ACA are among the thirteen whose citizens most desperately need it.

Yes, Virginia, there really is “science”

Virginia is indeed fortunate to have the crusader Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli spending their tax dollars (during such difficult fiscal times) only on the highest priority: destroying a single climate scientist who no longer works in Virgina.

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