Torn: The “Conflict of Modern Motherhood” is all about guilt

A review of the book “Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood”, edited by Samantha Parent Walravens (May, 2011).

PSA screening test is still uninformative

PSA screening is still worse than useless - it not only doesn't predict cancer, but because someone at some point thought that it did, needless painful biopsies happen every day.

Women are still bailing out of science: “choice” or discrimination?

According to a PNAS paper just out, there is no more discrimination against women in science, so we should just stop worrying about it and move on with our lives, already.

The “scientific method” still works, if we give it a chance

In its article "The Truth Wears Off," the New Yorker reveals to the lay reader some of the many ways in which scientific results are biased, all of which should be obvious to scientists. These biases do not mean that science itself is flawed or in crisis. Indeed, the article demonstrates that science works as it should. is a front for financially interested radiologists

The American College of Radiology is at it again - only this time their affiliation with a pro-"mammography-for-everybody" site is hidden in the back pages.

The biology blog at Biotunes had this one right years ago

People keep looking and looking, and they still can't find any detrimental effects associated with light to moderate drinking during pregnancy. Get over it.

More evidence that more screening = more cancer

Are men more likely to have prostate cancer if their brothers are diagnosed, or just more likely to find it?

Reliance on high-tech imaging = short-cut medical care?

Medical lawsuits are only one of several reasons that patients are overscreened using high-tech medical technology. It's time that everyone recognized that there are a lot of reasons for and problems associated with overscreening.

Universal health care reduces abortion rate?

Would the passage of the U.S. health reform bill without the Stupak Amendment affect the abortion rate? The available data is analyzed in order to make a prediction.

Scientists may be ideological, but science is not

Science has been perceived as a sort of ideology of late, because scientists are not taking off their scientist hats when they become policy advocates. It is not surprising that scientists are currently viewed as simply another special-interest group.

On scientists, the internet, and viral science denialism

Scientists must face up to the new reality of fringe scientists and their devoted nonscientist followers seizing control of the public scientific narrative.

Prostate cancer update: Discuss delaying treatment with your doctor

More evidence continues to accumulate that it is a perfectly reasonable approach to take a wait-and-see approach after being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer with a low Gleason score.

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