A tale of two lifestyles, sustainable vs. self-destructive

Will the U.S. get back to solving real problems in time to avert misery for its population? Europe can help show us the way if we do.

Conservation works — for economics

Sustainability is not just an ecological concept, it's an economic one. Are we making progress on fisheries?

Will we manage to create sustainable fisheries?

There is hope for the future of fish as for once the U.S. leads the way in dealing with an important global environmental problem.

Yes, Virginia, there really is “science”

Virginia is indeed fortunate to have the crusader Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli spending their tax dollars (during such difficult fiscal times) only on the highest priority: destroying a single climate scientist who no longer works in Virgina.

End all energy subsidies

The easiest way to cut through petty energy politics, and talk about the real issues we need to address, is to eliminate all energy subsidies, whether green or dirty.

Will climate change make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict worse, better, or moot?

Palestinian-Israeli talks have once again broken down with no resolution in sight, at the same time the area tries to power through the fifth year of its current drought. Will the realities of living in such an inhospitable region eventually overwhelm the importance of local politics?

More climate change lies!

Those evil liars who wrote the Climate Change report are caught out again!

Scientists may be ideological, but science is not

Science has been perceived as a sort of ideology of late, because scientists are not taking off their scientist hats when they become policy advocates. It is not surprising that scientists are currently viewed as simply another special-interest group.

Paper or plastic?

The best answer to the question, "Paper or plastic?" is "neither." If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you should be using your own polypropylene bags.

A cash crop of insanity

When we could be growing our own food to get out from under the thumb of agribusiness, Americans instead put huge amounts of time, cash, and chemicals into a crop that we throw out immediately after harvesting.

Will the feds destroy the CRP with continuing ethanol subsidies?

Ethanol subsidies making it profitable again to grow crops we don't otherwise need are undermining an important conservation program.

Use recyclable, not just renewable, energy

Why isn't discussion of increasing energy efficiency a bigger part of our conversation about "green" energy?

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