Your genes do not belong to companies, it’s official!

Even the current pro-business Supreme Court knew where to draw the line on the patent office's Orwellian position on corporate ownership of your genes.

Antibiotic use in livestock needs to be banned NOW.

More expensive meat raised without antibiotics would be better for Americans' health on two fronts, so why does the FDA keep dragging its feet in the face of accumulating scientific evidence?

Stripping away cancer’s armor

A research article hot off the press demonstrates a possible new tactic in our quest to stop cancer's uncontrolled growth.

Does coffee prevent prostate cancer?

Overall, it's looking good for coffee-drinkers and cancer risk. Just remember there are a lot more variables in the equation that we do not yet understand.

Progress in getting our genes back from biotech companies

The U.S. government finally has taken the position that unmodified genes are a "natural product" that are not patent-eligible. The District Court rules soon on the class-action suit that should return to you the 20% of your genome now owned by corporations.

Too bad gene patent law wasn’t a key election issue

The Obama administration takes the right position against the inanity of gene patent law.

More evidence that more screening = more cancer

Are men more likely to have prostate cancer if their brothers are diagnosed, or just more likely to find it?

A good day for science and medicine

Myriad Genetics has rightly lost the lawsuit by plaintiffs trying to undo their right to patent genes. But given the makeup of our courts after eight years of President Bush, is their any hope for defending ourselves against the current pro-corporation onslaught?

Myriad Genetics did not create the BRCA gene. Evolution did.

The decision by a federal appeals court in New York to reject Myriad Genetics' and the University of Utah's motion to dismiss the lawsuit against them was a small step toward the inevitable recognition that uncreated biological information should not be patentable.

Adapt public education to individuals, not demographics

Those obsessed with imagined (and completely unsubstantiated) gender differences in learning are threatening our educational system by integrating blatant sexism into it.

It’s not about genetics

Review of the book "Who's Afraid of Marie Curie?: The Challenges Facing Women in Science and Technology."

The problems with twins

Twin studies demonstrate the fallacy of conflating statistical and biological significance.

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