Self-correcting science works again

Andrew Wakefield - a disturbing study in self-delusion.

Death Panels Return!

The American Society of Clinical Oncologists is trying to go behind Sarah Palin's back. That's a start.

When will sociologists learn some sociobiology?

Why would any biological scientist possibly be surprised that a one-year-old baby understands some of the rules governing society?

Prostate cancer update: Discuss delaying treatment with your doctor

More evidence continues to accumulate that it is a perfectly reasonable approach to take a wait-and-see approach after being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer with a low Gleason score.

If only health care were all about economics

Economic considerations are necessarily a huge part of the health care debate. But should they be the only ones?

Merck’s “fraud” is standard industry practice

It is routine for biotech companies to employ "ghost writers" to market their products through peer-reviewed journal articles. This is one reason the scientific rigor of medical publications is so low.

Heterosexual marriage should not be legal

There are legal reasons to get married, and there are private reasons. Why can't we just keep them separate?

Teen sex – is it bad or good for society?

Those who obsessively try to prevent teen sex are confusing religious ideology with individual and societal success.

Altruism is just another way to be selfish

Download article as PDF A recent article about research supporting a neurological (= biological) basis for altruism panders to the alarmist view that behavior with an identifiable biological basis precludes personal responsibility, and could throw our criminal justice system into an uproar. The first...

If humans were marsupials

Download article as PDF There may be a reason why placental mammals, such as ourselves, were greatly more successful evolutionarily than marsupials (which, other than opossums, are restricted to Australia). Researchers have looked for possible constraints related to the marsupial reproductive system,...

Morality is not a human construct

Morality is not all about humans; it exists in any social species.