Stripping away cancer’s armor

A research article hot off the press demonstrates a possible new tactic in our quest to stop cancer's uncontrolled growth.

The evidence mounts that sugar is the real bad health culprit

It isn't fat that's teaming up with LDL cholesterol to make it a lot worse for you, it's sugar.

Should breast cancer patients eat or avoid phytoestrogens?

Because the interaction of phytoestrogens with our hormones and receptors is so complex, the jury is still out on their benefits vs. potential harms. Here I present a detailed discussion of phytoestrogens and their impacts on breast cancer.

Pharmacology Carnival

The carnival on drugs and pharmacology is now up at BrainBlogger, with a post by Bioblog.

Don’t take multivitamins during chemotherapy

Because the interaction between multivitamins including antioxidants with chemotherapy drugs are unknown, but supplements can have unintended negative effects, probably the best strategy is to avoid supplements and instead focus on a healthy diet.

Bring on the free radicals!

Free radicals have been the victim of anti-aging marketing. The trouble is that they actually serve a function that is undermined by the overuse of supplements.

May Carnivals

Two new health carnivals are up, with articles from Bioblog.

Vitamins are not food

Evidence accumulates that vitamin supplements aren't improving anyone's health. This probably has something to do with the fact that humans evolved to eat food, not pills.

Folic acid, that miracle vitamin

Once again, bad science fuels a dangerous national obsession with supplementing the most well fed nation on earth.

Science, Politics, Media and Diet

Bad science and bad journalism have combined to create a lot of confusion about what is actually known about nutrition.